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NAX Delegation Program Terms

Program time limits


NAX limits for participation

Minimum – 10000 NAX.
Maximum – unlimited.

How to participate

  1. Follow this guide to vote for StackOfStake node with your NAX – NAX Delegation Guide;
  2. Submit the application form –;
  3. Join our Discord or Telegram to stay in touch with updates.

How to claim earned NAS

  • We distribute NAS rewards on the 1st of every month.
  • NAS rewards will be sent to your delegation address.

The total expected amount of NAS rewards for the first month of the program operation (1st April – 1st May) ~ 130 – 792 NAS.

How to undelegate (unvote) NAX

Follow the instruction.


  • StackOfStake distributes 10% of NAS earned from the network validation and blocks producing to all delegation program participants.
  • You need to keep NAX delegated to StackOfStake node from the 1st of this month till the 1st of the next month to be eligible to receive NAS reward.
  • If you have less than 10000 NAX and just want to support our node – feel free to vote for it at We highly appreciate any support!
  • These Terms can be modified at any time. All NAX Delegation Program participants will be notified by the email provided by you in the Application Form.
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