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StackOfStake is a staking and masternode investment platform. It allows to invest in cryptocurrencies that are based on Proof-Of-Stake technology and receive passive income.


  • full automation
  • instant masternode join
  • instant reward accrual
  • instant withdrawal
  • no deposit or withdrawal fee
  • default auto-reinvest
  • no minimum deposit / masternode join amount
  • super-clean and intuitive interface
  • referral program
  • public and partner APIs
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • inhouse cryptocurrency exchange (Express Trade)

The Lore of StackOfStake

StackOfStake was founded in March 2018 as an instant shared masternode service for SCRIV community. After the launch and several months of successful operation, the team decided to expand the variety of offered cryptocurrency projects presented at the service.

Nowadays, StackOfStake become a complex investment platform that includes staking pool, shared masternode pool, cryptocurrency exchanger, mobile apps, API and more.


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