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What is StackOfStake?

StackOfStake is the platform for retail and institutional investors that allows to receive passive income by investing in masternode and stakable cryptocurrency.

Does StackOfStake have mobile applications?

Yes, mobile apps are available for Android 8.0+ and iOS 8.0+.

How to Sign Up and start investing?

Check out our Getting started guide.

Do I need to do anything after deposit or purchase via Express Trade?

You don’t need to make any additional actions. Your coins will be automatically and instantly included in a staking/masternode pool. Just sit back and enjoy dividends!

Are my coins staking or included in masternode?

Your coins are included in the mutual pool. This pool is maintained by the algorithm called Smart Balancing. It finding the ratio of staking/masternode that produces the highest revenue for all cryptocurrencies at our platform.

How often do I receive dividends?

Dividends are distributed instantly after accrual by our staking nodes or masternodes. Dividend frequency depends on a cryptocurrency (sometimes dividends are produced every 10 min, and others can take a few weeks).

Are my dividends compounding?

Yes. All dividends are instantly compounded (auto-reinvested) with your balance. This allows us to provide the maximum yield.

What are platform fees?

Fees can be found here.

Is it safe to use StackOfStake?

The security of users’ funds and personal data is our top priority. We are utilizing the most advanced security measures and protection techniques to stay safe.

How can I setup the highest level of protection for the account?

We are highly recommending to activate 2-factor-authentication (2FA) in account settings. You can use one of the following authentication methods: OTP (code) or U2F (hardware device).

How long do coins deposit take?

Usually, a deposit takes 5-15 min.

How long do coins withdraw take?

Usually, withdraw proceeds in 10-20 min.

Can I receive the reward for inviting friends to StackOfStake?

Yes, you can. Your friends should Sign Up to the platform using your referral link. You can earn up to 15% of the platform fee as the reward for referring new users.

Can I earn higher rewards from my existed investments at StackOfStake?

Yes, you can. You can earn more by holding SCRIV at the platform and participating in the Loyalty program.

How can I add my coin to StackOfStake?

Submit the listing form or email to [email protected].

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