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NEBL introduction
Neblio is a secure, distributed platform built for enterprise applications and services.
NEBL roadmap last time updated –04/22/2020
2H 2017
Project launch
Q1 2018
RESTful API Suite
Q2 2018
Neblio Token Protocol-1 release
Q2 2018
Neblio Orion release
Q2 2018
Neblio University launch
Q3 2018
Tachyon network upgrade
Q1 2019
Neblio QuickSync technology release
Q2 2019
Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps implementation
Q3 2019
NTP1 Metadata support
Q4 2019
NTP1 Token Issuance support
Q1 2020
Neblio Services & Consulting service launch
Q2 2020
NTP1 Token Divisibility Upgrade
Q3 2020
On-Chain Atomic Swaps support
Q3 2020
NTP1 Smart Contract research
Q4 2020
NTP1 integration with IPFS
Project score