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1.3985 USD
MIDAS introduction
Midas – a brand with a growing reputation, allows for the safe entry and evaluation of the masternode market backed by the MIDAS masternode coin.
MIDAS roadmap last time updated –04/28/2020
Q4 2019
Midas Exchange launch
Q4 2019
InstantSell feature release
Q4 2019
Burn-out program upgrade
Q1 2020
Lock-in 2.0 release
Q2 2020
Masternode Index (MNI) launch
Q2 2020
Portfolio construct feature release
Q3 2020
Mobile applications release
MIDAS team last time updated –04/28/2020
Iakov “Trevor” Levin
CEO, Project lead
Mike Fomin
Chief Technology Officer
Ilya "Adam" Therebay
Professional trader
Dan Carson
Partnership development lead
Eduard Samokhvalov
Dennis Chernishov
Chief Communication Officer
Sebastian Von Karloff
Technical engineer
Konstantin Usolcev
Head of marketing
Project score