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What is StackOfStake?

StackOfStake is a staking and masternodes investment platform. We are providing a seamless investment experience for digital assets based on Proof-Of-Stake technology. The instant rewards compounding, high servers uptime, and fully-automated management ensure the highers possible level of staking profitability. Deposit your cryptocurrency to StackOfStake and enjoy passive income!
Technical component
StackOfStake is running and maintaining nodes, masternodes, validators at our platform with precision and care. Our team ensures infrastructure 99.5%+ uptime, the security of users' funds and quality customer support.
Investment component
StackOfStake users to earn interest from Proof-Of-Stake cryptocurrencies and other tools. We are providing the one-stop solution for cryptocurrency exchange (Express Trade), staking, portfolio tracking.
Governance component Planned
Many cryptocurrencies allow its coin investors to participate in community governance. By holding your digital assets at StackOfStake your vote leaves yours! The voting will be done via user-friendly interface and broadcasted to the network via our nodes.

Platform statistics

Cryptocurrency projects supported
+ 98 users for the last 24h
Total active users
Total operations for the last 24h
72 947 USD
538 USD for the last 24h
Total dividends paid
679 384 USD
538 USD for the last 24h
Total referral rewards paid
96.31 %
Services average uptime